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Mathematics Software Tutorials

Tutorials for the Interactive Maths Series (Second Edition) software are either viewable online as Flash presentations or downloadable as stand alone .exe presentations for Microsoft® Windows computers.  The tutorials show Windows computer screens rather than Mac® OS X screens.  Note that if you choose to watch the Flash presentation over the Internet and the audio streaming starts overlapping, immediately stop and restart the tutorial to fix the audio streaming problem.  We recommend using a screen resolution of 1024 × 768 pixels to view the tutorials.

Tutorials for Students

The first tutorial explains how students use the software to work through an interactive exercise.  Tutorial Length:  10 minutes, 21 seconds.

Working Through An Interactive Exercise (Flash presentation)

workingthroughaninteractiveexercise.exe (downloadable presentation)

The second tutorial explains how students can use the Analysis of Past Performance window to view results and work through exercises.  Tutorial Length:  6 minutes, 46 seconds.

How Students use the Analysis of Past Performance window (Flash presentation)

studentsusingresultsviewscores.exe (downloadable presentation)


Tutorials for Mathematics Teachers

The first tutorial provides an overview of the Interactive Maths Series software features from a teacher's perspective.  The features are available in the Tutor Licence software.  Tutorial Length:  8 minutes, 34 seconds.

General Overview of the Interactive Maths Series School Desktop Program Software (Flash presentation)

sdp_generalfeaturesoverview.exe (downloadable presentation)

The second tutorial explains how teachers analyse students' results at a class or student level.  Tutorial Length:  8 minutes, 57 seconds.

Using the Results-Teacher Analysis Tool (Flash presentation)

analysingresultsteachersviewpoint.exe (downloadable presentation)

The third tutorial explains how teachers generate a quick worksheet with a solutions sheet or generate an example sheet.  Tutorial Length:  10 minutes, 40 seconds.

Generating Quick Worksheets and Example Sheets (Flash presentation)

generatingworksheets.exe (downloadable presentation)

The fourth tutorial explains how teachers use the Create Revision Material feature to generate new miscellaneous exercises, worksheets with solutions, tests with solutions and example sheets using templates made by a school's teachers.  Tutorial Length:  18 minutes, 42 seconds.

Create Revision Material Feature (Flash presentation)

createrevisionmaterial.exe (downloadable presentation)


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